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Lexus Holiday Campaign: December to Remember

Lexus Holiday Campaign: December to Remember

Lexus Holiday Campaign: December to Remember

Lexus said Wednesday it is launching its annual holiday campaign for its “December to Remember” sales event. Two new TV spots build on last year’s holiday storytelling theme of revealing Santa’s inventive gift-giving secrets — in which parents explain to their inquisitive children how Santa managed to deliver the full-size, bow-topped Lexus sitting in the driveway.

The first spot, “Snow Globe,” opens with Santa busy in his workshop putting the finishing touches on a snow globe. In the driveway of the miniature house, he ties the iconic red bow on an ES, sprinkles snow inside, and encloses the home in its glass globe.

He sets it on a shelf among dozens of other snow globes, and, magically, it comes to life. The camera travels through the glass into the real world where the family is gathered in the driveway. Dad assures his precocious daughter that Santa has a magic snow globe for every family.

The second new spot, “Racetrack,” takes viewers to the North Pole where a penguin presses a lever with his flipper, and a toy-sized IS takes off onto a toy racetrack. It handles a series of loops and races into a spiral.

When it lands, the real IS tears through a life-size racetrack, maneuvering through an impressive series of turns. It travels through a winter wonderland before stopping right in the family’s driveway. As the dad brings his carefully crafted story to a close, his young son corrects him, “But Dad, penguins live in the South Pole.”

A third spot, “Teleporter,” is re-airing from last year’s campaign. Two elves zap an RX to a family’s driveway through an ice-covered teleportation machine. The spot cuts to a dad telling his kids how Santa delivers the “big stuff.”

All three broadcast spots are airing on network and cable television, sports channels and more. A digital partnership with Roku will run targeted pre-roll across its network of apps.

Additional digital campaign executions will run on key automotive websites, and out-of-home extensions include placements in Times Square and DC Verizon Center. Print support includes four full-page ads in the Wall Street Journal.

The December Sales Event offers incentives through Jan. 4, 2016.

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