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How to Get Pregnant Using a Mobile App

How to Get Pregnant Using a Mobile App

How to Get Pregnant Using a Mobile App

Of nearly 50 million couples struggling to conceive worldwide, almost half of them are trying to conceive their first child.

A woman’s fertility rate drops from 86% at ages 20-24 to 52% at 35-38. By age 45 (a time when more and more women are trying to conceive) fertility rates plummet to about 5%.

Fruitful Way Ltd. has introduced a natural fertility and conception toolkit for couples who are trying to get pregnant. It includes a dietary supplement along with a fertility app.

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“Multiple risk factors impact fertility,” notes Dr. Sharon Shmueli, Fruitful family practitioner. “These include: age, diet, stress, overweight, excessive alcohol, smoking and a stressful 21st century lifestyle. “Our fertility toolkit can help couples get pregnant naturally and safely,” she says.

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For couples living a busy, around-the-clock lifestyle, using the Fruitful supplements in conjunction with the Fruitful iPhone app can increase the chances for conceiving during the first 12 months of trying, claims the company.

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“The Fruitful app uses proprietary technology, push messages and data sharing as well as daily reminders and assisting in define your fertility window,” explains Dr. Shmueli. “It evaluates your status and helps you take control of the most important task of your life: getting pregnant.”

The Fruitful fertility supplements help optimize and prepare the mother’s body to conceive, and prepare the father’s to make it happen.

Each tailored supplement contains effective levels of healthy ingredients to optimize the process of getting pregnant and support safe conception and pregnancy.

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