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Car Wrapped in iPad Art at Digital Arts Festival

CODA Automotive, a leading developer of all-electric vehicles, has announced that its first art-wrapped 2012 CODA EV will be on display at the first-ever Los Angeles Mobile Arts Festival (LA-MAF).

Digital artist Matthew Watkins transformed the CODA into mobile art with a digital finger-painting he developed on his portable iPad. The CODA iPad Art Car will be on display at the festival August 18–August 25, located at the Santa Monica Art Studios in a historic Santa Monica airport hangar.

“We’re excited to be a part of the first-ever LA Mobile Arts Festival and work with an artist as innovative as Matthew Watkins as we share the passion for innovations in mobile technology,” said Thomas Hausch, CODA Automotive senior vice president of Sales, Marketing, and Aftersales.

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The art-wrapped CODA EV features the tech- and eco-centric imagery of Italian-based mobile artist, Matthew Watkins. A pioneer in mobile art, Watkins drew a composition of animals, robots, and machine parts on his iPad with the Brushes app.

The drawings were then transferred to film and finally applied to the CODA’s body, resulting in a composition of green, orange, and yellow imagery.

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“The CODA electric vehicle was an ideal canvas for this art wrap,” said Watkins.

The new 2012 CODA is the first all-electric five-passenger, compact sedan with full rear seating and trunk space that promises to meet American drivers’ daily transportation needs. (IPA) is an online mobile art community dedicated to pioneering the mobile arts.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CODA Automotive is a privately held company that designs, manufactures and sells all-electric vehicles.

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