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Big Fish Launches “Mystery Case Files: Fate’s Carnival”

According to results of a poll released today by casual games producer Big Fish, 42% of casual gamers have had their future told or read by some type of medium.

Of those who had visited a psychic or medium, more than half (51%) felt that parts of their readings were correct.

The survey was commissioned by Big Fish for the launch today of its PC and Mac adventure game “Mystery Case Files: Fate’s Carnival,” a PC and Mac game that revolves around a gypsy fortuneteller, Madam Fate.

The twists and turns of the game in which Madame Fate has returned from the dead to reverse her fate before it’s too late, may well appeal to the most superstitious part of casual gamers.

82% of those who responded to the survey and had previously received psychic advise admitted they would go to some type of medium again, and more than half (57%) who had not yet sought out these types of readings would consider having their futures told down the road.

The survey also found that it didn’t matter age or gender. There were no significant differences found between men and women or among age categories in the percentage that say they have sought out psychic help.

“Mystery Case Files: Fate’s Carnival” is the tenth installment of Big Fish’s hidden object adventure game series. This latest installment is a return to the franchise’s roots of deep puzzles, numerous mini games, and dark intrigue.

It includes one of the franchise’s most beloved characters – Madame Fate, a gypsy fortune-teller, and her black cat, Isis, acting as your helper and guide.

The game can be downloaded from for both the PC and Mac. It retails for $13.99.

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