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AUDI Launches Driving Technology Simulation Game

Today AUDI AG, claimed to be the first automotive manufacturer to release a space in PlayStation Home, is now taking the partnership to the next level with the launch of an all-new driving technology simulation game.

The game focuses on three core AUDI AG technologies: Quattro; Transmission; and Ultra.

Players learn about these technologies by racing a concept car made specifically for the game on 3 unique tracks.

Each track offers a number of challenges and to complete them the player must modify their car with a selection of technologies enabling them to win Gold, Silver or Bronze on each track and challenge combination.

AUDI Driving Technology Simulation Game

AUDI Driving Technology Simulation Game

The AUDI AG Space in PlayStation Home was conceived as a space for gamers to meet up, hang out, and experience the world of AUDI AG.

The company says it’s a living, breathing world featuring AUDI AGtv and a calendar of content from virtual lectures on announcements, product launches, VIP events to mini-games and interactive objects all released throughout 2009-2012.

As of 12th December 2012 AUDI AG have had over 15m games played by over 3m users with an average user engagement of 10 minutes per session, claims the company.

The new AUDI Technology Experience simulation launches in PlayStation Home today, Dec. 12.

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