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Adobe’s New Analytics Solution for Digital Marketing

Adobe Systems (Nasdaq: ADBE) has unveiled the addition of cross-visit analytics and other capabilities to Adobe Discover, an analytics and segmentation solution within the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite.

Cross-visit analytics enables digital marketers to see a visitor’s journey within the marketers’ Web properties beyond single online sessions, giving those marketers a more accurate view of the overall visitor experience, says the company.

“Consumers don’t interact with their favorite sites in discrete, unconnected visits,” said Matt Langie, director of product marketing, Digital Marketing Business, Adobe.

“They do a search and hit your home page, read reviews, leave, get an email offer, price compare, come back and finally convert. The diversity and complexity of any one visitor’s experience over time yields very different insights than looking at each visit as a distinct, separate experience. Adobe Discover provides analytics that mirror the actual visitor experience.”

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Discover also provides a clearer understanding of fallout, the reasons why purchases or conversions do not take place. With insight across visits within their properties, including why customers leave without converting, companies can more accurately allocate marketing spend to activities that will generate the most return on investment, believes Adobe.

Released today, March 19, the newest version of Discover has also made other enhancements, allowing analysts to dissect and manipulate data across both user segments and time.

These updates to Adobe Discover are expected to be available in April 2012.

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