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Admeta Private Ad Exchange Enters the US Market

Admeta, a leading technology provider of Private Ad Exchange solutions to publishers in Europe, announced Tuesday that it is expanding its services to the US market with the opening of its New York office.

Through its white-labeled Private Ad Exchange, Admeta offers publishers the possibility to have 100% control over their brand, advertiser relations, and inventory through the creation of their own ad marketplace.

The company’s platform includes many layers of functionalities such as real-time auctions, real-time optimization, and real-time reporting for performance campaigns.



Admeta finds and chooses the highest expected revenue for each impression by calculating the highest eCPM for each and every bid participating in the auction for that impression, says the company.

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Admeta, an independent technology provider with headquarters in Sweden, develops and operates its patented technology in order for clients to benefit from performance-based sales while eliminating the risk of cannibalizing premium sales.

“We have successfully optimized online revenues for large European publishers for half a decade now. We look forward to enhancing our international presence in 2013 and offer our technology to premium publishers globally.” says Admeta’s CEO Ola Tiverman.

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