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Line Game Unveils Line Nutlings Tournament

Line Corporation, owner and operator of the free call and messaging app Line, announced the release of “Line Nutlings Tournament.”

It is a trick-based action game developed by Boomlagoon Ltd., a Finnish game development company.

Line Nutlings Tournament is slated for release on the Line-based service Line Game, and will be available for free on both iPhone and Android devices.

Line Nutlings Tournament allows players to race through a variety of courses doing tricks in their cart while vying for the top score at the finish line.

The game centers on a trio of acorn-loving, mischievous creatures known as “Nutlings” who pile into the cart and start rolling. Lift the front wheels off the ground while moving to pop wheelies or rotate the cart while jumping to do backflips.

Points are awarded for performing these kinds of tricks. All of the tricks in the game can be done with a simple touch of the screen.

Line is a smartphone app which allows users to enjoy free calls and messages to one another, both nationally and internationally, regardless of which mobile network provider they are using.

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Boomlagoon is a mobile game developer focused on making mobile games for players of all ages.

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